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Psychiatr. Pol. 2015; 49(5): 1025–1041

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Jerzy A. Sobański, Katarzyna Klasa, Katarzyna Cyranka, Michał Mielimąka,
Edyta Dembińska, Łukasz Müldner-Nieckowski, Bogna Smiatek-Mazgaj, Krzysztof Rutkowski


Skuteczność intensywnej psychoterapii na oddziale dziennym oceniana za pomocą Kwestionariusza Osobowości Nerwicowej KON-2006

Effectiveness of intensive psychotherapy in a day hospital evaluated with Neurotic Personality Inventory KON-2006

Aim. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of intensive psychotherapy in the day hospital for neurotic and behavioral disorders as well as the assessment of the usefulness of the Neurotic Personality Inventory KON-2006 for routine evaluation of psychotherapy effectiveness.
Method. The results of the questionnaires KON-2006 completed by 690 patients (women - 69%, men - 31%, mean age 29 years, SD 8 years) were analyzed. All persons have received comprehensive, mainly psychodynamic psychotherapy (group with elements of individual therapy), in the years 2004-2009 in the Day Hospital for Neurotic and Behavioral Disorders in Krakow.
Results. The vast majority of patients achieved after the end of psychotherapy beneficial changes in personality corresponding to various degrees of improvements in terms of the questionnaire KON-2006. Only a few patients deteriorated, somewhat more numerous group did not achieve significant changes or the effects are not possible for unambiguous interpretation. These results are highly correlated with those obtained in the personality questionnaire NEO-PI-R.
Conclusions. The Neurotic Personality Inventory KON-2006 appears to be an adequate tool to assess the results of intensive, comprehensive psychotherapy, conducted in the day hospital for neurotic and behavioral disorders.

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