Skala MoCA w diagnostyce zespołu amnestycznego – opis przypadku  905–913
Psychiatr Pol 2010;44(6):905-913
Aim. Among main symptoms of the amnestic syndrome we can distinguish: short-term and long-term memory deterioration, deficiency of the effectiveness of learning, the anterograde amnesia and the retrograde amnesia, lack of the orientation in the place and in the time and confabulations. The aim of the study is to introduce the unknown tool of cognitive assessment named Montreal Assessment Cognitive (MoCA). The authors want to indicate the diagnostic accuracy of the scale in the examination of the amnestic patient. Method. In the neuropsychological examination of the amnestic patient, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment scale was used. Results. The patient correctly performed the tasks which estimated effectiveness of the visual-motor coordination, language abilities (naming, repeating of the sentences) and effectiveness of the short-term memory. Difficulties in the remaining tasks indicate at deficiency of the effectiveness of the learning ability, long-term memory (recognition), abstractive thinking and the orientation in the place and time. Deterioration of the working memory and executive functions is also noticeable. Conclusions. Montreal Cognitive Assessment scale is a useful tool for the evaluation of the cognitive functions among amnestic patients.
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