Ocena wybranych cech osobowości, stylów radzenia sobie ze stresem oraz nocnego wydzielania melatoniny u chorych z dyspepsją czynnościową     401–410
Psychiatr Pol 2007;41(3):401-410
Aim. The main aim of the research was a characteristic of selected personality traits and coping as well as estimation of a level of melatonin in serum in patients with functional dyspepsia (FD)). Methods. 36 patients with FD (14 men and 24 women) at age 19-43 (mean: 31.6) were examined. The control group consisted of 30 healthy persons at age 21-23 (mean: 37.2). CO-16 and CISS questionnaires were used to diagnose selected traits of personality and coping styles. Furthermore, melatonin concentration in serum was examined at 10 p.m., 2 a.m. and at 6 a.m. with the immunoenzymatic method (ELISA). Results. Coping style focused on problems and emotions were the most frequent ones in the examined group. Cyclothymia, tendency towards neuroticism and depression, submission and sensitivity were these that characterised patients with FD well. It was also stated that the level of melatonin was higher than in healthy subjects. Conclusions. There are common personality traits and coping styles in the group of patients with FD. A level of melatonin in serum is increased.
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