Współpraca lekarza z psychoterapeutą na Oddziale Leczenia Zaburzeń Osobowości i Nerwic
Psychiatr Pol 2012;46(5):877-889
Two authors - the doctor and the psychologist describe the practical aspects of cooperation between the psychiatrist and psychotherapist who take part in the treatment of personality disorder patients. The first part of the paper presents a brief description of the Personality Disorder Treatment Department of Jozef Babinski Hospital in Krakow. The next part of the paper presents three cases of patients who were treated in that Department. The case of Mr. A shows what kind of meaning can be ascribed to the medications. The next two cases show how the doctors and the process of treatment itself, can be overused by the patients. Mrs. B takes the treatment up mainly to be recognised as a sick and disabled person. She appears as a person who does not want to be cured. Withthe case of Mrs. C, the authors show how different somatic problems may protect a person against going through difficult emotions. In the summary, the authors point out the importance of the very close cooperation between all professionals who are involved in the treatment of patients with mental disorders. Such cooperation helps to gain a better understanding of these patients and it could give better results of psychotherapy as well as pharmacotherapy.
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