New techniques of electrical and magnetic stimulation in treatment of depression - comparison with electroconvulsive treatment and pharmacotherapy
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Psychiatr Pol 2010;44(6):853-869
Search for new therapeutic methods applied in psychiatric disorders, especially in depression - concern not only pharmacotherapy, but also physical techniques. Electroconvulsive treatment is a recognised and effective method for receiving of antidepressant effects by means of electric head stimulation with eliciting of seizures. During two past decades, a few new techniques using the electrical or magnetic stimulation were tested with respect to their therapeutic antidepressant activity. The trancranial magnetic stimulation TMS, vagus nerve stimulation VNS, magnetic seizure therapy / magnetoconvulsive therapy MST/MCT, deep brain stimulation DBS, and trancranial direct current stimulation tDCS are involved among these techniques. The paper discusses those above mentioned techniques and it makes a critical comparison - in relation to several criteria - with the electroconvulsive treatment and pharmacotherapy.
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