Perazine in the treatment of psychotic disorders - research review
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Psychiatr Pol 2010;44(3):427-434
The author reviewed the relatively poor literature on the topic and its key clinical trial reports on perazine, a classical antipsychotic most frequently prescribed in Poland for psychoses, especially for schizophrenia. Based mainly on the Leucht and Hartung's metaanalysis as well as on other authors' trials with broader context of typical and atypical neuroleptics comparisons, it could be concluded that the perazine bearing balanced profile of psychotropic action (antipsychotic, anti-autistic and sedative) has also some atypical features which explain its broad applications in clinical practice. Not without a meaning are also a few dozen-fold lower costs of treatment, which are even more meaningful when costs of necessary laboratory tests required for monitoring atypical antipsychotics use are taken into consideration.
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