Retrospective analysis of the course of psychotic episodes in adolescent inpatients
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Psychiatr Pol 2012;46(4):511-521
Aim. Analysis of clinical presentations and course of psychotic episodes in adolescent inpatients. Method. A retrospective analysis of charts of all (n=300) hospitalised patients diagnosed with of one of the schizophrenia-spectrum disorders (F20 - F29) over a 10-year span period (1998-2008) was conducted at the Child and Adolescent Department of Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. The distribution of diagnoses was compared with a sample of 200 adult hospitalisations. Also, the demographic and clinical data, percentage of rehospitalisations and stability of the diagnosis was analysed. Results. The distribution of diagnoses in the schizophrenia spectrum of psychotic episodes was found to he different in adolescent patients than in adults. In further analysis of schizophrenia (F20), schizotypal disorder (F21), acute and transient psychotic disorder (F23) and schizoaffective disorder (F25) significant differences in the length of hospitalisation, gender distribution, frequency of rehospitalisation and stability of the diagnosis were observed. Stability of the diagnosis in the whole group was 52%. Schizophrenia was the most stable diagnosis. Conclusion. Distribution of schizophrenia spectrum diagnoses is different in adolescent and adult inpatients. In adolescents psychotic episodes other then schizophrenia are frequent. Diagnostic difficulties seemed to be confirmed by not very high diagnostic stability. However for F20, F21, F23 and F25 diagnoses different clinical and demographic profiles were observed, what may confirm that these disorders are separate nosological entities.
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