Asperger's disorder diagnosed in the man treated with chronic and resistant emotional and behavioral disturbances - the case report
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Psychiatr Pol 2009;43(4):469-479
Asperger's disorder is a nosologic phenomena, that is similar to autism, and falls under the category of pervasive developmental disorders. The unknown and probably multi-factor aetiology, wide clinical picture and not completely defined and clinically relevant diagnostic criteria are the topic of discussion between investigators and clinicians. In the article presented, a single case report of a 39-year old male patient, diagnosed and treated for years due to chronic and resistant emotional and behavioural disturbances, not clearly defined psychotic symptoms and dominating dysfunctions of social involvement, may be a voice in the debate about Asperger's disorder spectrum, comorbidity in Asperger's syndrome and serve to remind the clinicians, that pervasive developmental disorders could really be diagnosed in adults.
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