Classification of persons attempting suicide. A review of cluster analysis research.
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Psychiatr Pol 2014;48(4):823-834
Aim: Review of conclusions from cluster analysis research on suicide risk factors published after the year 1993. Methods: Search and analysis of cluster analysis research papers on suicidal behaviour. Results: Following groups where distinguished: (1) persons with comorbid mental disorders or with severe symptoms, (2) persons without mental disorders or with mild symptoms, (3) persons with personality disorders and externalizing psychopathology, (4) socially withdrawn persons with a tendency to avoid social contacts, (5) depressive persons Conclusions: Analysis of studies on characteristics of suicide attempters, with the application of cluster analysis, has indicated the possibility of differentiation of several groups of persons with significantly increased risk of suicide attempt. The reviewed cluster analysis research had multiple methodological limitations. Studies employing cluster analysis on large, representative and homogeneous population are needed.
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