Family based association study of MMP-9 gene-1562C > T polymorphism in schizophrenia
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Psychiatr Pol 2011;45(3):317-324
Aim. MMP-9 is a candidate gene related to the neurodevelopment hypothesis of schizophrenia. The aim of this research was TDT analysis of polymorphism -1562C>T MMP-9 gene in schizophrenia. Methods. Research was carried out on 147 trios (patient and his/hers both healthy parents). Genetic material was isolated from leukocytes using the salting out method. Polymorphism was studied with PCR-RFLP, statistic analysis was made using transmission disquilibrium test by Haploview 4.2. Results. There was no significant association between analyzed polymorphism of MMP-9 (-1562 C>T) and schizophrenia. Conclusions. Insignificant association doesn't exclude the possible contribution of MMP-9 to pathogenesis of schizophrenia. Further research is needed to be carried out on bigger groups and other populations.
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