Pre-psychotic states - contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic issues. Part II. The biological markers of the risk of schizophrenia. Therapy of pre-psychotic states
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Psychiatr Pol 2007;41(1):17-27
The authors review the literature on the topic of early identification and intervention in pre-psychotic and pre-schizophrenic persons. Most of the early intervention programmes include more or less false positive results. There is still no classic biological marker of schizophrenia available. Authors review the possible markers of schizophrenia, including some neurophysiological and neurocognitive disorders (eye-tracking dysfunction, sensory motor gating dysfunction, working memory and other neurocognitive dysfunctions) and also structural, neurochemical and functional brain abnormalities. Unfortunately, the marker of transition to psychosis is still unknown. Only the complex analysis of all possible factors: family, social, clinical and biological can be helpful in identification of the future schizophrenic persons. The authors also review the research oil the treatment of pre-psychotic persons. The most frequent methods used in these cases are the generation antipsychotics in low doses and psychotherapy. The results are promising, but need further confirmation, both in every day practice and in randomized controlled trials.
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