Prevalence of selected personal resources in persons with schizophrenia diagnosis
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Psychiatr Pol 2012;46(2):167-176
Aim. The aim of article is to familiarise the reader with the basic terminology connected with the role of resources in the coping strategy with the stress and the role of stress in the onset and progression of the illness. It is also in attempt to capture as well as to identify the relationship between chosen resources resilience and strengthening of psychopathological symptoms. Method. A group of 100 patients diagnosed with schizophrenia was studied according to the criteria ICD-10 criteria (females made up 40.6%,the mean age 31). In order to evaluate resilience parts of the Questionnaire RSA were used The description of the clinical state was used with the help of the PANSS scales. Results. The PANSS scores (M=3.25 range 1.87-6.81), were below the middle of their potential range. Negative symptoms, depression and disorganisation appraisal were the most prominent in those tested. Significant positive correlations were found between PANSS scores (total, dysphoria and disorganization) and two RSA sub-scales (perception of self and personal strength). Conclusions. Surprisingly, the pre-assumption that resilience and its elements are related to a smaller psychopathological symptoms, was not confirmed. On the contrary data suggest that the higher resilience, the higher the clinical problems.
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