Research on Polish psychotherapists – what types of patients they work with and what methods of psychotherapy they use
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Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego, Wydział Filozofii Chrześcijańskiej, Instytut Psychologii, Zakład Psychoterapii
Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Psychologii, Katedra Psychopatologii i Psychoterapii
Akademia Pedagogiki Specjalnej, Instytut Psychologii Stosowanej
Instytut Analizy Grupowej „Rasztów”
Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Psychologii
Submission date: 2016-11-07
Final revision date: 2017-03-12
Acceptance date: 2017-04-14
Online publication date: 2017-08-24
Publication date: 2017-08-24
Corresponding author
Agnieszka Szymańska   

Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego, Wydział Filozofii Chrześcijańskiej, Instytut Psychologii, Zakład Psychoterapii, Ryńska 35, (Borki), 05-255 STARE ZAŁUBICE, Polska
Psychiatr Pol 2018;52(4):731-751
Most research studies conducted among psychotherapists concern (1) thefrequency of use of specific methods of work and (2) the categories of patients using the therapy. They have examined the relations between these two groups of variables to a lesser extent. Theprimary objective of this study was to determine what is the practice of Polish therapists in combining methods of working with diverse diagnoses of patients.

The study involved 1,838 therapists who declared that they conducted psychotherapy in Poland (80% women and 20% men). The subjects filled out, mostly via the Internet, a questionnaire consisting of questions whose scope related mainly to psychotherapeutic activities and preparation for its implementation. We used two groups of information from the survey: (1) the working methods used by the psychotherapists and (2) the categories of patients undergoing psychotherapy – extracted by types of reported problems and diagnoses.

The research results revealed that three groups/classes of therapists can be extracted in Poland according to the way in which the therapists combine the working methods of psychotherapy with the categories of patients. It can be stated that a larger number of working methods used by the therapists is associated with how psychotherapy is conducted among different categories of patients.

Polish psychotherapists: (1) use a large number of possible combinations of therapeutic methods; (2) can be described by belonging to one of three groups distinguished by the way they combine therapeuticmethods with the categories of patients they work with.

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