Selected aspects of social cognition in patient with total agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) and Arnold-Chiari desease - case study
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Psychiatr Pol 2013;47(3):519-530
Aim. The goal of the research was a characteristic of emotional-social competencies and communicative abilities in a 16-years old patient with ACC and Arnold-Chiari disease and higher than average intelligence. Method. RHLB-PL was applied. Results. Total score in RHLB-PL suggested language and communication impairment. The greatest problems were observed in the field of behavioral self-control and discourse abilities. The patient had difficulties in the topic of the discourse maintaining, resisting from production of unconnected topics and comments, interject inappropriate remarks. Problems in humor comprehension and the dissociation between relative high level of written metaphors analysis abilities and low level of Picture Metaphors perception and explanation were observed. Linguistic Prosody was average. Conclusion. Patient M.J. with agenesis of corpus callosum presented high number of deficits typical in right hemisphere damage patients. It is possible to explain that fact in the context of interhemispheric transfer disorders, specially when complex material was processed.
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