Usefulness of the GEOPTE scale - self-rating scale of social cognition for persons suffering from schizophrenia
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Psychiatr Pol 2010;44(5):633-649
Aim To analyse psychometric value of the Polish version of the GEOPTE Scale, a self-rating scale measuring social cognition among persons suffering from schizophrenic psychoses Method Fifty patients with diagnosis of schizophrenia according to ICD-10 criteria were assessed by the scale under study Analysis of its usefulness included reliability (as internal consistency), validity as content, construct, and diagnostic validity in relation to selected measures of mental state (CGI scale PANSS) social (GAF scale SOFAS) and cognitive functioning (WCST and N-back test) and feasibility of the scale according to observed patients coping with the task Results The scale revealed good reliability (Cronbach's alpha=0 84) and observed feasibility Descriptive characteristics of the scale's items an its principal component structure (two components interpreted as basic cognitive processes and social cognition) resembled findings of the Spanish Authors in the original study It may be considered as proof of content and, to some extent, construct (factorial) validity of the scale Criterion validity seems to be less certain With exception of a weak correlation of the GEOPTE scale with social and occupational functioning (measured by SOFAS) no significant correlation were detected with other diagnostic validators applied in the study Conclusions Polish version of the GEOPTE scale seems to have satisfactory reliability and feasibility Its validity remains uncertain and open for further study
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