Sexual health symptoms and problems in a population of patients in a day hospital for neurotic disorders
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Psychiatr Pol 2012;46(1):21-34
Aim. Analysis of prevalence of symptoms and problems connected with sexuality in patients admitted to a day hospital for neurotic and behavioral disorders' treatment. Method. The results of diagnostics of 2582 women and 1347 men, admitted for psychotherapy in a day hospital, because of neurotic, behavioral and personality disorders. Results. Symptoms from the sexuality area revealed themselves to be frequent in the population of patients entering psychotherapy in a day hospital for neurotic disorders, and they were not directly linked to sexological treatment. Also traumatic events potentially disturbing psychosexual development were reported by patients, however with a different frequency, this being higher for self-assessed lack of sexual education in childhood or forced sexual debut, and low for incest or very early commencement, and for being punished for masturbation. Conclusions. Psychotherapists as well as other professionals treating neurotics, should expect - besides numerous typical symptoms: anxiety, somatization etc. - complaints from area of sexual dysfunctions.
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