The structure of personality of women with anorexia nervosa (author's own research Rorschach's test)
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Psychiatr Pol 2008;42(2):195-208
Aim. The aim of the research was an attempt to describe the structure of personality of anorexic young females. In the work, several questions were posed: Are there specific factors in the personality structure of women and what are their characteristics? What are the properties of the emotional structure of anorexic patients' personalities? Method. The test concerned a group of 30 young women aged 18-26.The methods of research included were: 1) medical documentation, 2) clinical surveys and 3) Rorschach inkblot test. Results and conclusion. The results of the test indicate a predominantly occurring significant personal character in the tested group of anorexic patients. On the basis of the results we can state how much the personality structure of anorexic women is emotionally diverse.
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