Acceptance of transsexualism among university students from Lodz
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Psychiatr Pol 2008;42(1):125-134
Transsexualism is one of the gender identity disorders where psychological sex is opposed to anatomical sex. This disorder leads to a discrepancy between the preferred social gender and the biological sex. Aim. The aim of this research is to compare knowledge and attitude toward transsexualism in student's opinion, coming from three universities in Lodz. Method. The questionnaire study was per-formed in the group of 300 students from three universities in Lodz: Technical University of Lodz, University of Lodz, Medical University of Lodz. The questionnaire contained 30 questions related to respondent's sex, birthplace, knowledge about definition and aetiology of transsexualism and also rights which students would grant to transsexuals. Results. The right definition of transsexualism was pointed by 64% of students from Medical University, 57% from Technical University and 40% from University of Lodz. The fight to surgical sex change for transsexuals would be granted by 87% of students from the Medical University, 69% from the University of Lodz and 40% from the Technical University. Majority of medical students (90%) and respectively 78% and 57% from the University of Lodz and Technical University would accept a transsexual as his/her co-worker. Conclusions. Student's knowledge about transsexualism is similar and does not differ from a foreign student's knowledge. Students from natural science studies (medicine and biology) are the most tolerant towards transsexuals.
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