Anxiety and body image among women growing up in families with addiction problem
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Psychiatr Pol 2011;45(5):683-692
Aim. The aim of the study was to analyse the correlation between body image and anxiety symptoms as well as psychological discomfort experienced by women growing up in alcoholic families. Method. The group of 61 women (27 years old on average) was surveyed with Body Self Questionnaire and MMPI-2 personality test questionnaires and the results were measured on Scale 7 (Pt). All the participants also attended psychotherapy sessions focused on disorders resulting from growing up in families with alcohol problems. Results. The analysis showed negative correlation ( p<0.05) between the results of Scale 7 (Pt) and one's body acceptance (r=-0.44), attitude to eating (r=-0.3), femininity disclosure (r=-0.28)and the experience of intimate relations (r=-0.27). Conclusions. The study showed that disordered body image is related to the symptoms described by Scale 7 (Pt): tendency to react with fear, worriment, stronger discomfort in social situations, fear of rejection, difficulties in interpersonal relations, poor self-confidence as well as perfectionism and tensed behaviour. A crucial factor that could improve the effectiveness of therapies for women from alcoholic families appears to be an attempt to combine the experience of oneself in physical and emotional spheres, as well as functioning cognitive schemes.
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