Metabolic syndrome and cognitive dysfunction in the old age
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Psychiatr Pol 2013;47(6):1087-1099
Background. We analyzed metabolic profile of patients with cognitive dysfunctions by means of levels of lipoproteins, glycaemia and hypertension. Research design and methods. In naturalistic, open manner, we studied 100 persons -44 without cognitive dysfunctions, 17 with MCI and 39 with dementia. Patients were grouped according to ICD-10, NIA/AA, McKhann's criteria of cognitive impairment and STMS cutoff levels. Results. We found correlations between HDL cholesterol (p=0.036, OR=1.061, <0.99; 1.13>), hyperglycaemia (p=0.008, OR=0.97, <0.95; 0.99>), metabolic syndrome (p=0.03; OR=0.34; <0.12; 0.91>) with age (p=0.001; OR=0.9; <0.84; 0.95>) and dementia. We confirmed also correlations of glucose levels with CT changes (p=0.01, OR=0.97, <0.95; 0.99>), and age (r=-0.47, p=0.000001), fasting glucose (r=-0.33, p=0.0024), HDL levels (r=0.32; p=0.05) with STMS results. Conclusions. Metabolic-cognitive syndrome seems to be a part of pathogenesis of dementia.
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