Physicians' opinion on the use of perazine in the treatment of mental disorders - results of the Delphi consensus study
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Psychiatr Pol 2012;46(6):985-993
Aim. Currently, the use of first generation antipsychotics (FGA) is strongly limited. On the other hand, treatment with second generation antipsychotics (SGA) can not be applied in every patient. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to obtain information about the knowledge and experience of clinicians with regard to safety and efficacy of pernazine, which represents the most widely used FGA in Poland. Due to a striking scarcity of studies on pernazine, authors designed and performed the study, which should provide physicians knowledge arising from daily practice of clinicians included in this study. Methods. Analysis was performed basing on 142 opinions of 26 physicians who were experienced in the treatment with pernazine. The Delphi method, which relies on concluding from expert opinions was adopted in this study. A three-round Delphi was used in order to yield final conclusions. Results. According to clinicians, pernazine is one of the most cost-effective and well-tolerated FGA. Furthermore, its different profiles of action (anxiolytic and sedative) enable to use pernazine in various indications, as well as in polypharmacotherapy. Referring to a long-term experience, clinicians emphasised the efficacy of pernazine and a high compliance with medication. Conclusions. Psychiatric treatment should be individualised taking into account not only clinical indices but also patient's preferences and expectations. According to clinicians pernazine is a safe and versatile medication for schizophrenia or other mental disorders and serves as the alternative for SGA.
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