Sense of coherence and coping styles among parents of adult children with schizophrenia
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Psychiatr Pol 2011;45(5):643-652
Aim. The aim of the research was an answer to the question if sense of coherence correlates with coping styles among parents looking after adult children with schizophrenia. Methods. 50 parents (38 mothers and 12 fathers) at age 46-84 (mean: 60) were examined. SOC-29 and CISS questionnaires were used to diagnose traits of sense of coherence and coping styles. Results. Coping style focused on problems was the most frequent one in the examined group. Sense of coherence and coping styles correlate among those in the investigated group. Conclusions. There is a correlation between sense of coherence and coping styles in the group of parents with adult children with schizophrenia. There is also a view of a statistical carer who is the mother aged about 60 years looking after the son aged 35 years diagnosed with schizophrenia.
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