The participation of patients with schizophrenia in psychoeducation - the analysis from the patients' perspective
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Psychiatr Pol 2009;43(6):693-703
Aim. The aim of this study was to find out what the patients opinion about psychoeducation in schizophrenia is. Method. We examined 169 patients suffering from schizophrenia. They answered a questionnaire about demographic data, their opinion about participation in sessions, the motivation to psychoeducation and the themes of sessions. Results. 84% of the patients declared that they like psychoeducation. The main reason for participation in psychoeducation was the willingness to get more information about the illness and prevent relapses. The most important therapist attributes are: high communication abilities and appropriate knowledge. Conclusions. The patients want to get more information about the illness and obtain more knowledge how to cope with symptoms in order to improve the quality of their life. It is important for the therapists to create an emotional atmosphere which helps to understand each other. During the psychoeducation sessions the therapist should use more various means to get the patients involved in participation.
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