Comorbidity of alcohol dependence with other psychiatric disorders. Part II. Pathogenesis and treatment
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Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny, Katedra i Klinika Psychiatryczna
Klinika Anestezjologii i Intensywnej Terapii Wojskowego Instytutu Medycznego
Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny, Katedra i Klinika Psychiatryczna; University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Submission date: 2014-01-29
Final revision date: 2014-04-26
Acceptance date: 2014-04-29
Publication date: 2015-04-30
Corresponding author
Marcin Wojnar   

Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny, Katedra i Klinika Psychiatryczna, ul. Nowowiejska 27, 00-665 Warszawa, Polska
Psychiatr Pol 2015;49(2):277-294
Co-occurrence of alcohol dependence with other mental disorders is very common, being important cause of diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties. There is a lack of systemic solutions in mental health care dedicated to the patients with dual diagnosis. The literature on the topic of treatment of patients with dual diagnosis is limited. While comorbidity of alcohol dependence with mental disorders is prevalent, there is rising interest among researchers on that issue. In this paper we present current hypotheses on pathogenesis of dual diagnosis as well as recommendations for its treatment. The role of disturbances in functioning of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in pathogenesis of co-occurrence of alcohol dependence with anxiety and affective disorders is presented. Researchers studying dual diagnosis underline the fact that simultaneous treatment of alcohol dependence and co-occurring psychiatric disorders increases the chance to improve patients` functioning. Inappropriate treatment without complete management of all existing problems may make full recovery impossible.
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