Functioning of the marriages applying for marital therapy
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Psychiatr Pol 2013;47(2):173-184
Aim. Assessment of functioning of the marriages applying for marital therapy. Method. The research included 44 marriages: 22 of them were qualified for the marital therapy and 22 constituted a control group - were not taking part in therapy. Participants evaluated themselves and their relation using: SCORE-15 (Systematic Clinical Outcome and Routine Evaluation), UMACL (UWIST Mood Adjective Check List), KKM (Marriage Communication Questionnaire). Results. Marriages applying for the therapy, when compared with control group, showed worse general functioning, lower adaptability, more disrupted communication and were overwhelmed by difficulties in higher degree. The lower level of engagement and support, as well as the higher level of depreciating behavior were present in their communication. In this group the lower mood expressed in lower degree of Hedonic Tone and higher degree of Tense Arousal was also recorded. Conclusions. The specific functioning of marriages in crisis applying for the marital therapy is an important indication for the family therapists, in respect to their interventions during therapy process. When working with couples, it is important to consider their difficulties in communication, the tendency to depreciating each other, the lower mood and estimating the therapy as helpful and needful with simultaneous devaluating of their own styles of coping.
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