A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Changes during Systemic Family Therapy: Results of the Polish Clinical Version of the SCORE–15 Questionnaire
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Pracownia Psychologii i Psychoterapii Systemowej, Klinika Psychiatrii Dzieci i Młodzieży UJ CM
Ambulatorium Terapii Rodzin, Klinika Psychiatrii Dorosłych, Dzieci i Młodzieży, Szpital Uniwersytecki w Krakowie
Leeds Family Therapy and Research Centre, University of Leeds
Submission date: 2019-11-05
Final revision date: 2020-07-07
Acceptance date: 2020-07-07
Online publication date: 2022-04-30
Publication date: 2022-04-30
Corresponding author
Feliks Edward Matusiak   

Pracownia Psychologii i Psychoterapii Systemowej, Klinika Psychiatrii Dzieci i Młodzieży UJ CM
Psychiatr Pol 2022;56(2):391-404
The article presents the results of a research project on the evaluation of changes during the process of systemic family therapy in a clinical group comprising adolescent psychiatric patients.

The evaluation was conducted using Polish version of the SCORE-15 tool. The analysis was performed on a sample of 109 families who completed the questionnaire before their first session. Before the fourth session, the questionnaire was filled in by 73 families; and after the last session it was completed by 28 families.

Consensual Qualitative Research method revealed changes in family’s description of the family as well as in description of the problem. Statistical analyses of the results of the SCORE 15 questionnaire identified significant changes between the first, fourth and the final session. Changes were identified in SCORE Total as well as in the VAS scales. The RCI showed 5 improvements and 2 deteriorations after three sessions, and no deterioration and 13 improvements at final one.

Obtained results point to many significant changes in the researched areas after completion of the systemic family therapy by families. The research also indicated that a coherent qualitative analysis of the descriptive material can be highly informative and can enrich both the understanding of the therapeutic process as well as the manner of providing feedback about the changes in the therapy to families.

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