Paroxysmal rush of intrusive eidetic images – diagnostic doubts. Case report
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Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach, Wydział Nauk Medycznych w Zabrzu, Katedra Psychiatrii
Submission date: 2022-07-11
Final revision date: 2023-01-12
Acceptance date: 2023-01-18
Online publication date: 2024-02-28
Publication date: 2024-02-28
Corresponding author
Dominika Tatar   

Katedra i Oddział Kliniczny Psychiatrii, Wydział Nauk Medycznych w Zabrzu, Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach.
Psychiatr Pol 2024;58(1):201-212
Eidetic images are a relatively rare phenomenon in the practice of a psychiatrist. They are described in the category of perception disorders as images or memories which, thanks to their plasticity, vividness and detail, are very similar to the currently experienced sensory perceptions. However, it should be remembered that their occurrence is not associated with any mental disorders, and they are also observed in some healthy people. This paper presents a case report of a patient with complaints about “voiced,” plastic images – the course of his psychiatric hospitalization and the psychological diagnostics carried out at that time. The authors point out the difficulties in differentiating, first of all, with auditory pseudo-hallucinations and make an attempt at psychopathological classification of the patient’s symptoms. The discussion on possible disease mechanisms of this phenomenon is based on reports as well as research on the phenomenon of imagination and eidetic perceptions, and the aim of this study is to draw the attention of diagnosticians to the category of psychological phenomena with an eidetic character, which may allow them to avoid incorrect recognition of them as an element of psychotic disorders of perception.
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