The comparison of self image before and after the psychotic crisis - the analysis of schizophrenic patients' narration
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Psychiatr Pol 2012;46(6):951-960
Aim. The aim of this study was to show the influence of schizophrenia on the individual system of meanings - the way in which the persons describe themselves and their life story. In order to achieve this goal, the analysis of narration of patients suffering from schizophrenia was conducted. Method. We examined 20 patients suffering from schizophrenia. We interviewed the patients with a structured narrative questionnaire. The persons described their life and themselves - in the time before and after the psychotic crisis. The interviews were analysed according to different literary methods and the knowledge of formal linguistics. The demographic variables and the clinical state of patients were also controlled. Results. Persons suffering from schizophrenia used more positive attributes and less negative attributes while describing themselves before illness. They reported more positive episodes from their life, before the psychotic crisis. Conclusions. The psychotic crisis causes the dramatic decrease of self esteem and breakdown of the life story. The patients described themselves and their life in negative, pessimistic optics. The trauma of mental illness is reflected in narration by breakdown of good story about the person and her/his life. This change of self image concerns the persons who both cooperate in psychotherapy and are critical to illness.
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